Thursday, July 25, 2013

My wedding decorations

These past months I've been folding a lot for my wedding decorations.
They are Big Oriro kusudama, made out of 90 pieces of Oriro models and 180 of Morning Glory, plus beads and decorations.

I took the photos using a glass suport that I had in my house, but hopefully for the wedding I will have bigger, better-looking ones.

They come in different colors and combinations and I hope they will make a nice impact and a joyful atmosphere, as they will be the focus points of the tables:





Postumia said...

Foarte frumoase.

evy. said...

Hey! :) I really love your works and these balls my favourites! :) I started origami this summer so I'm very beginner, but I have a question if you don't mind. How did you fit together the Oriro and the Morning glories? With glue or thread? I hope you answer :)
p.s.: sorry for my English, I'm from Hungary :)

Adina Paun said...

Multumesc, Postumia! :*

Hi Evy, thank you for your appreciation! I used white glue in order to stick the MG flowers. You just have to be patient, don't glue them all at once, because they might fall. Just glue 4-5 at a time and wait for the glue to harden and then turn the ball around and glue some more.

Good luck, I'm looking forward to see what's coming out of your hands! Hugs!

Simona said...

Wow geniale sunt! As dori sa te intreb daca ai avea posibiliatea sa faci un buchetel asemanator cu decoratiunile tale pentru starea civila? Imi place foarte mult ce iese din mainile tale si cat de colorate sunt toate! Daca raspunsul este afirmativ cam cat crezi ca ar costa o asa o frumusete?
Multumesc in avans pentru raspuns!

Zielony Myszak said...

amazing work :)

Anonymous said...

Un filmulet cu aceasta tehnica?

ana -maria said...

Buna, superbe creatii! Sunt o incepatoare si as dori daca se poate un filmuleț cu genul de origami marturie alb-corai si sferele. Va rog si tipul de hartie si unde pot gasi. Va multumesc ! Va voi împărtăsi creatiile mele don sfaturile d-voastră.