Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kusudama - Butterfly model

You can learn it from here .

Kusudama - Morning Glory model

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest models to make and the result is truely impressive. You can learn it from here.

Kusudama - Venus model

The first kusudama i ever made was the one called Venus.
I learned it from here.

And because i was saying earlier that kusudamas can be used as decorations, i wll show you how a friend of mine arranged them:

And this is my Christmas tree, entirely decorated with paper models:


The Japanese kusudama is a paper model that is created by sewing or gluing multiple identical units together to form a spherical shape.
The word itself is a combination of two Japanese words: kusuri -medicine, and tama - ball. They were believed to bring luck and health, therefore considered true talismans.
They are also used as decorations or gifts.
There are many kusudama models, that come in different shapes and dimensions, as well as difficulty levels.
In the following posts, i will show you some of the models i made.

Swan Lake

Tchaikovsky is my favourite composer and swan is one of my favourite origami models. If you wanna try it, here is the link with a movie that will expain it to you.

These are the first i made:

In two colours:

In several colours:

Different models:

This is the Musical Swan, carrying quail eggs:

To begin with...

Origami is one of my passions.
Thousands of years old, this art is hardly known in Romania.
I want this thing to change, because the models created through the paper-folding art are truely exceptional and they deserve all our attention.
I surely hope that this blog will manage to prove that.
I am looking forward for any questions and opinions and i hope you will appreciate origami as much as i do.