Friday, May 21, 2010

My little big Oriro

I started working on this model a while ago...folding all the modules during the courses at University, or on the way to University, in the subway :) and I glued them at home.
I had a lot of help from my friends, Alexandra, Flory and Nineta, whom I thank a lot!
The model contains 90 pieces of Oriro, 180 modules for Morning Glory and 32 Venuses and has an approximate diameter of 15 centimeters.





Bianca A. said...

absolut niste maini magice! te admir foarte mult pentru ceea ce faci, felicitari! sper candva sa ajung si eu sa fac asa ceva.

ally said...

Adina, wow, e extraordinar! Imi place si combinatia de culori! Bravo!

Ivani said...

Wow, I'm in love!

Adina Paun said...

Wow, thank you all for your appreciation, it means a lot to me..

elyda said...

Adina, esti o adevarata artista!

Adina Paun said...

Multumesc Elyda!

Lipo said...


Ana Encarnação said...

Adina, this is absolutely the most wonderful kusudama I've EVER seen!!!...=)

I'm speechless... all I can do is look at it over and over again...:)

Congratulations!! To you and your lovely friends that helped you!


Stefinutz said...

I love it..... congratulations !. I bet you worked really hard at this kusudama...

TooCloseToTheEdge said...

I have recently discoveded your blog and I can say you're the best. Really! You impresed me.

Wow! It's really awesome. May I ask something? Can you put a tutorial for this, or a diagram, because I would be more than delighted to make one.

Adina Paun said...

Lipo, Ana, Stefinutz, TooCloseToThe Edge, thank you all for your kind words. It was a pleasure making this model, I don't consider it work, but it took a long, long time. :) But I'm happy I did it and I'm thrilled that you all like it!

TooCloseToThe Edge, thank you again, but trust me, I'm not the best.. :)
As for the diagrams, here they are:
1. for Oriro ( the purple modules ):

2. for Morning Glory ( the "flowers" - green, yellow and pink ):

3. for Venus ( the pink or yellow modules inside the flowers ):

If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me!

Tati Yumi said...

Hi Adina!!

I'm Tati Yumi from the blog !!
I'm visiting your blog now and I loved all your works!!! Congratulations for these very beatiful origamis!!
May I add your blog in mine?


Adina Paun said...

Thank you for you kind words Tati Yumi! And also thank you for wanting to add me at your blogroll, I added you in mine as well!