Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oriro Kusudama

This is the first kusudama I designed. I named it Oriro after our origami forum: OrigamiRomania.
The tutorial is here .
I hope you will all like it! :)


Daniel Thomás said...

this is fantastic
i will try to make it
thanks for sharing with us

Lipo said...

Beautiful :)

Adina Paun said...

Thank you Daniel, let me know if you make it! :)

Thanks Lipo!!! :)

Bela said...

WOW! congratulations, your work is really nice! I just found your blog today and I've already linked you in mine! (please, visit: www.beladobra.blogspot.com)
As soon as possible I'll try to make your kusudama!
Best Regards from Brazil

Adina Paun said...

Thank you Bela! :)
I added you blog as well! You're doing a great job there too!
Lots of hugs!

cridiana said...

Congratulations Adina for the first romanian-designed kusudama!
First time when I saw your post I missed the part in which you said you designed it. Yesterday I entered on Lipo's blog and I read from there that the Oriro Kusudama is your invention and I was very happy about it. :)

Adina Paun said...

Thank you Diana! :D
I'm glad you like it, it means a lot to me.

Edi said...

Boa tarde, Adina

Muito legal seu Kusudama.
Ontem nosso grupo dobrou seu módulo e espero em breve fazer o Kusudama e postar ele em meu blog.
Parabéns pela criatividade.
Até logo :)

Adina Paun said...

Thank you Edi, I can't wait to see it on your blog! :)

Kátia Mitiko said...

Adina, this is really amazing and beautiful. I have just found your blog and I will try this one. Congratulations my dear and thank you a lot for sharing your folding with us.
By the way, my blog is: www.timikosbymitiko.blogspot.com
Come to visit me! I'd love having you there!

Edi said...

Hi, Adina. How are you?

Finally I posted the Oriro in my blog:


I used your tutorial to make a diagram.


Edi said...

Hi, Adina. I corrected and improved the diagram. Bye