Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow...

I started folding this model because it looked alot like a snowball to me. The movie i learned it from is here.

And this is a bigger unit, in which my earrings fit just fine. :) I got the idea from this movie.


Catarina Ramos said...


Thank you SO much!
Your visit to my blog was something for me to be proud of!

Be always welcomed to my humil place!

Loved your Sakuras!!!!!

They are magic!!


Adina Paun said...

Catarina, you are way too kind!! Your blog is beautiful and so are all your works!

Lots of hugs!

Dramba said...

buna, sunt noua in domeniul origami, ma fascineaza si fac foarte multe chestii ..problema mea este ca nu stiu de unde sa cumpar hartie speciala origami(cu desene pe ea) .Sunt din Bucuresti.....aveti idee? multumesc

Adina Paun said...

Buna Dramba!
In Bucuresti exista un magazin cu articole din Japonia in incinta supermarketului Auchan, unde poti gasi si hartie. Magazinul se numeste Daiso.
Mai multe despre hartia de origami poti gasi pe forum:

Spor la impaturit! :)

dana dramba said...

multumesc frumos:) acum am din ce face din ce in ce mai frumos:) spor si tie si la cat mai multe idei ;)

Emi said...

Hello Adina!!!

I saw your blog and your works are really beautiful!

I have a blog, too, and, cam I add you?

Have a nice day!


Adina Paun said...

Hi Emi!
Thanks for your appreciation, I'll be happy if you add me to your blog list and I hope you'll accept my request of adding you too. :)

Nico said... de obicei..te pup

Adina Paun said...

Si eu te pup Nico! :)