Saturday, September 6, 2008

Origami brings us together

I've been in Bucharest these days and I've met some of the Origami Romania forum members.
I knew that people having a common hobby are likely to get along well, but I never imagined we could become such good friends. :)
What was suppose to be "the first meeting", soon became the second and the third one and I'm sure there are more to come. we are ( from right to left: Copilutz, Horatiu, Elsix, Adina )

Folding paper was, of course, part of our meeting:

And my favorite, a crane made out of a beer label, by Elsix. :)

And this is an extraordinary humming bird, a gift that I received from Horatiu. :D


cridiana said...

Very nice meeting you had, Adina... I hope hope this will the one of many meetings...and that I can join you guys one day.

Adina Paun said...

Thanks Cridiana!
I can't wait for another meeting and I won't allow you to miss it! :)