Monday, July 7, 2008

Anniversary Kusudama

This kusudama was created by Mio Tsugawa in Atelier PuuPuu to celebrate 100 years since Japanese began emigration to Brazil. To learn how to make it, press here.


cridiana said...

You've managed to do them :)
When I saw this models in the Mio Tsugawa's blog, I said that they are my next project, but I postponed it.

You've bought a cable for your camera?

Adina Paun said...

Thanks Cridiana!
I didn't buy a cable yet, I had some photos on a cd, brought with me from Romania.
I finished the Anniversary Kusudama about 3 weeks ago, but my internet at home was sooo bad that I couldn't post it..
I will get the cable soon though, I ordered it at a shop and now I'm waiting for them to get it. :)