Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An architect's wedding bouquet

Costin Gheorghe was our wonderful wedding photograph and both him and his wife, Lavinia, are architects.
So their wedding bouquet couldn't miss this aspect! :)

( the photos are taken by Boutique Photo: site and facebook )


Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Bogdans

On 6th of September 2014, Cristina and Andrei officially became the Bogdan family.
When the bride first called me, a few months before the wedding, to ask about origami decorations, I had no idea how important their wedding was going to be for me..
First of all, I had an instant connection with Cristina, it felt like we've been friends forever. I admired her attention to detail, her love of perfection and her desire to make the wedding of her dreams come true.
I also admired Andrei, who showed a huge amount of patience and involvement and who bared with us through many hours of folding, decorationg, gluing and sewing.
I'm also lucky to have met the mothers-in-law, both Cristina's and Andrei's moms, who are two wonderful ladies!

But the reason why their wedding was so important to me was the fact that Cristina trusted me just as much as I trusted myself when I was a bride. She told me what she wanted and she allowed me to prepare the estetics of her big day. The decorations, the giveaways, the bouquets, the candles....they all contained origami. It felt like I was preparing for my wedding all over again, and I loved it!

Needles to say, I couldn't wait to see the photos and to enjoy the view of something that I was part of..
And it was worth the wait, because the photos really show what a wonderful wedding Cristina and Andrei had.. The restaurant, the dress, the guests, the happiness in their eyes, it's all a perfect mix with the love they have for each other and the magic of paperfolding.







And some golden venture figures were not made by me, but by Gabi, a friend of mine, who created the mini-bride and the mini-groom, the swan-godmother and the peacock-godfather, plus an amaizing gondola:



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our weddings

Last year I got married, twice - with the same man.
We had our civil wedding on 27th of September, in my homecity, and the church wedding on 5th of October, in his homecity.
Both weddings were, of course, filled with origami - I did the bouquets, the decorations, the giveaways, and even the cake's small decorations.
I loved evey single piece of paper that was part of my wedding and even if I folded everyday for almost a year, I would do it again in a heartbeat.